Welcome to my personal webpage !

If you are here, I guess it means you are trying to learn a little bit more about me.

My activities


As an Assistant Professor in Computer Science at Université Paris-Saclay (IUT Orsay Department), I mainly teach about Human-Computer Interaction and Game Design.


Within the CPU team of the LISN laboratory (ex: LIMSI), I conduct research on the non-verbal expressivity of virtual characters and on Serious Games.

Stand Up Comedy

I perform Stand Up Comedy at various Open Mics in Paris. It is nice to finally have a crowd which pays attention to what I am saying!


I am passionate about Video Games and I try to practice this passion and talk about it any times I am given the opportunity.

Where to find me?

IUT Orsay at Université Paris-Saclay

a view of IUT Orsay's entrance

LISN Laboratory

a view of LISN's entrance

Paris Open Mics

a view of a stand up comedy stage in Paris

On my couch

an illustration showing a game over message from a video game